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Startup follows Mary Going and Saint Harridan down the rocky road of fundraising. Even though the company is growing, Mary is struggling to maintain enough of a "cash runway." 

A Masculine Silhouette, Tailored for Her
Mary Going, 46, a former nonprofit consultant in Oakland, Calif., wanted to wear a suit to her same-sex wedding in 2008, but found the ...   

The Line Remaking Men's Clothes for Women's Bodies
Growing up in South Carolina, Mary Going hated the clothing her parents made her wear. They wanted girly skirts and dresses; she wanted anything boyish, settling for baggy shirts and cutoffs.

Saint Harridan

Now this is what I’m talking about. Saint Harridan is all about men’s suits for women and trans men, because traditional department stores often act like trans and gender-queer people don’t exist. Oh, and it’s a huge market: $8 billion to be exact. Other than suits, Saint Harridan makes pants, shirts, sweaters, vests and overcoats for masculine women and transmen. 

Betting on Transgender Customers
Between Bruce Jenner’s buzzed-about 20/20interview, Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox landing a spot on the TIME 100, and Jeffrey Tambor winning a Golden Globe for his role as a transitioning dad on Transparent, the transgender community has never been so visible in American life.

Saint Harridan Redefines The Power Suit

In 2008, when California started issuing same-sex marriage licenses, Mary Going and her partner of 10 years, Martha Rynberg, started planning their wedding.

Lea Delaria Stuns in Dashing Saint Harridan Tux At the Emmys
Lea DeLaria wore a simply gorgeous, head-turning tuxedo and shirt by Saint Harridan to the 66th Emmy awards last night, showing the world just how swag butches are and why so many of us fawn over them!

A New Suit - Saint Harridan
Mary Going tells Wisconsin Public Radio's To the Best of Our Knowledge, "We're taking over masculinity!" Listen in as Saint Harridan's first customers try on their suits. Testimony. Tears. Transformation.

A Man's Suit Engineered For A Woman, Tammerlin Drummond

Dapper isn't generally a word you associate with a woman. But how else to describe Mary Going, who when I meet her is rocking a blue plaid suit tailored to her small frame?

Saint Harridan Makes Masculine Clothing for Women and Trans Men

Shopping for clothes as a queer, masculine woman or transgender man is no easy task. Traditional department stores are typically geared towards heterosexual people and don’t take into account those who are gender-queer or gender non-conforming. Enter Saint Harridan, a 500 Startups-backed company that creates and sells masculine clothing and accessories for women and transgender men.

Saint Harridan Tour: Masculine Clothing For Women. Finally!
OK so this is a shoutout to this amazing new company called Saint Harridan. They are this pretty cool fashion label that is  specializing in “Masculine clothing and accessories for women and transmen.” 

E-Groupie On The Saint Harridan Pop-Up Tour - Boston
“I could be getting my wedding suit today.”  It was the kind of moment I was expecting when I traveled to the Saint Harridan pop-up shop in Jamaica Plain, but that didn’t make it any less powerful.  In fact, I had not truly prepared myself for the palpable intensity of what was happening in that room.

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Get Your Dapper at Saint Harridan

For too long masculine-presenting women, genderqueer people and transmen had to search for clothes in men's and boys' departments, where all the clothes were cut to fashion industry norms of a male body: The shoulders drooped, the arms dangled, the chests and hips just didn't work.

Queer Suit Stylists for the Girl in Pants
If you've been on social media lately you may have heard about Saint Harridan's pop-up shops taking place all around the country.

Suits For You: Saint Harridan Crafts Queer Suits
Many women and transmen who wish to wear suits to an event have trouble finding suits that fits properly.

Dapper Q Fashion Show at the California Academy of Sciences
DapperQ celebrated Pride by producing our very first California fashion show for the unconventionally masculine at the California Academy of Sciences! Runway Director, Mary Elyse. Brands featured on the runway included Saint HarridanHaute ButchAndrogyny, and Betabrand.

Butch on Butch: A Conversation with Saint Harridan's Mary Going
One business that caught my eye early on with their amazing Kickstarter and philosophy of inclusion was Saint Harridan. They not only made their initial goal to roll out production of suits, but well surpassed it – as well as were featured on NPR and in the New York Times.  Not shabby at all, right?

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Saint Harridan: Making It Work
Way back in December you were introduced to Saint Harridan and their Kickstarter campaign. This is the clothing startup that was looking to make traditional two-piece suits, a menswear standard, for the ... (read more)

Seven Days of Dapper, Featuring Melissa Stone
Melissa started wearing suits to work in 1988. “I have always felt comfortable in a suit, it feels like it completes me,” she explains, “The first time you put on a suit as a MoC person, it’s thrilling how great it makes you feel!”

Saint Harridan Suits You: 
Designer Mary Going and Her Form Fitting Suits Made Just for You.

Mary Going and her wife, Martha Rynberg both strongly believe in pursuing one’s passions. Going herself is an entrepreneur and social activists with an MBA from  ... (read more)

Saying "No" to the Dress
June has arrived and chapels, resorts, florists and function halls are all getting ready for their busiest time of year: wedding season. The big day is approaching for  ... (read more)

Suit Up With Saint Harridan
For all my fellow masculine dykes, dapper queers, handsome bois, and butches in the dressing room struggle - I bring you tidings of great joy, and news of a Kickstarter campaign near and dear to my heart. ... (read more)

Pop-up shop offering suits, other items for women and transgender men 
A California start-up company named Saint Harridan is hosting a "pop-up shop" where "you -- a butch woman, a trans man, a stud, a boi -- can walk in, take an impeccably made men's style suit, and have it fit."

34 Companies That Presented at 500 Startups Batch 14 Demo Day
Saint Harridan is a fashion company focused on the female and transgender community.