Photo Shoots & Fashion Shows

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On the day/night of your event, WEAR

  • Solid colored dress shoes: Dress shoes include: Oxfords, saddle shoes…
  • Dark dress socks
  • A white or light, solid colored dress shirt
  • A plain white undershirt (short sleeve or A-line)
  • A plain (solid) colored belt (it should match your shoes)
  • Accessories that you like
  • No base-type make-up (it gets on our clothes)
  • Eyeliner is ok, but not required
  • No fingernail polish


  • The most important rule is to HAVE FUN. Even if you break all the other rules, your photos will come out looking great if you are enjoying yourself. 
  • Never button the bottom button on your Saint Harridan jacket.
  • Take everything out of your pants' front pockets.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets unless it's for a pose. 
  • No gum.
  • No fingernail polish.
  • Remember, you look AMAZING. Know it. Be it. Embody it.


  • Clean and trim your nails. Remove nail polish.
  • Groom your facial hair.
  • Wash your body.
  • Wear antiperspirant. Yes, the toxic shit. Fashion shows and photo shoots are HOT. :-)

Fashion Shows


  • Practice walking with your hands by your side. Walk 15 to 20 feet. Stop. Strike a pose for 3-5 seconds. Turn around and walk back. On the real runway, we may have you stop more than once, depending on the space, but you'll have the move mastered.
  • Check out this site on Male Model Poses. Concentrate only on the ones you can imagine yourself doing at the end of the runway. 
  • Google male modeling poses or male runway tips. Sometimes, they force men to be really boring, but know that at a Saint Harridan fashion show, you are welcome and encouraged to show a little style and playfulness.


  • Please have one drink or fewer before the show. 

Have FUN! (it's worth repeating)