Saint Harridan has created a line of suits designed to fit your body and your gender. Our suits feature a sleek masculine cut, re-engineered for women and transmen. Saint Harridan offers the highest quality ready-to-wear suits and dress shirts you can buy anywhere. And we made them with you in mind.


Necessity is the mother of invention and Mary Going needed something to wear.

In 2008 California granted equal marriage rights. My partner Martha and I had been madly in love for ten years and we were excited to make it legal. Except I had nothing to wear!

I tried shopping for men’s suits. Of course, nothing fit and the customer service was humiliating. In the end I had a custom suit made. It cost more than our rent, but I’ll tell you: it felt great. Really great. I honestly felt stronger when I put on that suit. And more confident. I even felt taller! I was 41 years old and it was the first time I felt like I had dressed from my own closet. It was too fantastic to keep to myself.

That’s why I started Saint Harridan. I want you to feel this good - to have the opportunity to look and feel like you. Like the best you. Like the you that makes you proud.

In solidarity,


Mary Wasn't the Only One with Nothing to Wear: 1108 backers supported our Kickstarter campaign!

In December 2012, Saint Harridan launched a Kickstarter campaign and asked if you were ready for off-the-rack, high quality suits, designed to fit Saints.

We didn't look to venture capitalists. We looked to you. And you responded to the tune of $137,000! We took that as a “Yes.”

More than a thousand of you showed up with your $10 pledges, your $25 pledges, your $200, $500, $1000 pledges. And together we Saints made some crowd-sourcing history!

Un-Saintly Setbacks

It's a good thing Mary's dapper suit makes her feel more confident, because she's needed it! High-end men’s suits are like sculptures. So redesigning them to fit women and transmen wasn’t just a matter of changing the measurements. We needed to alter the structure, but do it in a way that would still be viable from a manufacturing perspective.

As soon as our Kickstarter campaign closed, the factory we'd contracted started to balk. The more we talked about breast sizes, the less they returned our calls. With hundreds of orders to fill by March 2013, we scrambled to find a new manufacturer, but U.S. based factories with the expertise to make high-end men's suits - and the willingness to make them for women - are scarce.

When we finally did secure a new manufacturing company, the process of re-engineering the pattern, digitizing it, and then grading it accurately to our full range of sizes took two months. No doubt they were exhilarating, revolutionary months, but they were months we didn't know to anticipate.

Most Kickstarter backers got their suits in August 2013, and the good news is, they fit! We set out to create an extremely high quality men's style suit that would fit handsomely on women and trans men, and we did!

The even better news is: now we know what we're doing. ;)

Oakland Pop-Up Shop

In August, 2013 we held our first two-day Pop-Up Shop in Oakland.

Stop a minute and imagine. Imagine a store where you are the expected customer. Where the clothes are made to fit you. In a style that feels like you. Where you are greeted with respect, assisted by people who live to see you look your best, and revered like the Saint that you are. Exit interviews tell us the experience generally lands somewhere on the scale between exhilarating and life-changing.

The 2013-14 Saint Harridan Pop-Up Tour!

The August, 2013 Pop-Up Shop in Oakland was so moving - the opportunity to clothe our supporters in garments that made them feel seen, and revered, and known, and just plain fantastic, was too compelling to resist. We had to take it on the road. By June of 2014, we had popped up in seven cities: Oakland, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, and Philadelphia. And seven more cities remained on the docket.

Mary and Dom recharging at the Pop-Up Tour halfway mark.

Who's talking about Saint Harridan?Everybody!

Mary Going tells Wisconsin Public Radio's To the Best of Our Knowledge, "We're taking over masculinity!" Listen in as Saint Harridan's first customers try on their suits. Testimony. Tears. Transformation.