You’re funding the next great fashion statement. 

Here's how it works...


No need to be shy when it comes to what you want to wear—shout it out! Or email it, post it, tweet it, write it down, fold it into an airplane and send it on in! Our clothing design is inspired by what our customers want, so keep those ideas coming!


The most popular ideas get sketched out, prototypes get made and and you can place pre-orders at a whopping discount. The earlier you fund, the bigger the discount. If we don't meet the minimum required to go to production, you get your money back and we get back to the drawing board.


Once our funding goal is met, our production partners— fair-wage paying, health-and-safety minded, and otherwise all around ethical — start putting your duds together. Haven't ordered yet? Don't despair! A discount is still available while we are in production. 


From our hands to your doorstep, we ship out these great garments as soon as we receive them. If you haven't already placed a preorder you've missed the awesome discounts, but now you can buy what your heart desires with virtually no wait time.