Cornucopia Neck Ties

You don't have to stick your neck out to show off these fashionable ties—they'll attract the right kind of attention whether you're at work or at play. Each makes a strong statement about your personal sense of style, and with so many to choose from you'll never feel tied down to just one look.

A full array of fabrics is used in this collection; you'll find everything from woven denim to knit silk and a whole lot in between. Prints, patterns, and solid colors abound as well, and as for shape: knot to worry! There's skinny ties, fat ties, square ties, and if you'd like, bow ties, too.

Rubberneck all you want, but order soon! Some of our ties are only available in limited quantities, and each is handcrafted in a woman-owned and worker-friendly factory in LA—delivery takes approximately three weeks (we thank you for your patience, your patronage, and your passion for high-end textiles made with head-held-high ethics).